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Kelly Monaco’s naked Playboy titties

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Here’s hot celebrity MILF Kelly Monaco on an old Playboy shoot of hers spread out in nothing but skin, tits, and one very hairy pussy. Those are a fancy pair of headlights I’d like to stare at; and, like a helpless deer about to get struck, I’ll keep my gaze fixed on those tits, mesmerized, until they run me over with my cock sticking straight up in the air.

About that pussy: I’m not a big fan of very hairy vaginas, snatches rivaling Robin Williams in the body hair category, and from what I see in these pictures, Kelly Monaco likes sporting straight, bushy clits, which slightly turns me off. However, these are old Playboy pictures, back when hairy pussies were flung about because they were in fashion then, but since chicks like their crotches flayed and shaved now, I’m sure Kelly’s clit is less hairy than they are in these pictures. Either way, she’s got one hot body, and huge, impeccable tits to boot. Those tits are perfect, if you ask me, for when you want to grab on to something while your cock is tickled by Kelly’s bearded pussy.

If you were too young then to filch a copy of Kelly Monaco’s hot Playboy cover issue photos in the magazine stands, there’s the awesome hot digitized set past the link.