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September 8th, 2016 by J

It’s easy to see why Kelly Monaco became a Playboy Bunny and has starred in a sexy drama-ish TV series like Baywatch. That pretty face and hot body were her tickets to stardom and these were actually the reasons too as to why she got into modelling an early age in the first place. She landed a ton of projects before making it real big and we’re not just referring to her cash in the bank or the titles and roles she played on cam but anyone who worked with her would agree about the perfect size of those assets which gave her a place in the list of desirable women of Hollywood. She insists that her breasts are the real deal and that jiggly meaty ass aren’t silicone but whatever, right? They do look real in this wild leaked sex tape. So real that you could almost feel those stiff nips between your teeth, that big mounds of milk juggs and round ass in your hands, and of course that smooth shaven wet pussy on your face. She didn’t even have to show her cunt yet when she got picked to be one of Hugh Hefner’s live blow up doll.

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But everything is exposed right in this hardcore video where she’s all about who Kelly Monaco really is, all about her hardcore nature as she tease and sucks cock down to getting herself banged rough and fast. All of these she learned while staying inside that Playboy Mansion and one would agree that she’s like a damn pro with anything kinky at this point. Not every chick who has a bubble butt like hers can work it like that but she made our dicks grow right away the moment she started wigglin’ that bun on cam! And any hardcore fuck action such as this is never complete without a spray of nice hot cum. Monaco didn’t fail too on this part as she likes the taste of jizz and wanted it all over her face and naked body. She might have taken a lot of hard thrusts and got her feeling sore in that pussy but after getting her spunk reward, all she could say is no pain, no gain. That’s our kinda bitch, eh?

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When a gorgeous and sexy woman got hailed as a Playboy Playmate even one time in her life, expect great things from them when it comes to giving you pleasure through print and hot videos like this. Kelly Monaco did get such title in 1997 and she’s lived up to it ’til now, still looking feisty and yummy. She likes getting filmed while she strips naked, teasing her lover until she sees his dick grow huge and hard, and playing with her slippery wet pussy with her legs spread wide on the floor.

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August 13th, 2010 by kel

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Men all around the world have been blown away by the beauty and the graceful hotness of Kelly Monaco, who is famous for her stint in the reality series Dancing With the Stars. You know what they say about good dancers- they make excellent lovers! Even though she claims she’s nothing like her sultry dancefloor persona, Kelly nevertheless exudes sex appeal from every pore of her body. Just look at her when she shakes those shapely hips while doing her dance moves. No wonder she won the top prize in Dancing With the Stars!

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This alluring model-turned-actress initially achieved recognition by appearing as Playmate of the Month in an April issue of Playboy well before her 21st birthday, and then extending her association with the men’s magazine into a long sequence of appearances in adult entertainment videos, including Girls Next Door , Babes of Baywatch, and Club Lingerie. Whether she’s wearing classy evening gowns for social events or casual, sporty clothes, Kelly manages to look sexy and extremely desirable. What more if you can see her stark naked? Prepare yourself for some eye candy as we present to you Kelly Monaco in her birthday suit!

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Who wouldn’t want to fuck a hot celebrity babe like Kelly Monaco? We’ve got naked pictures to prove just how hot and fuckable she really is. We have pictures of her pussy up close, so you can see the fine detail on the clit you’d all like to get into with your fingers, cock, and tongue. You can wriggle your whole hand inside her pussy, which is so loose and torn up from all the fucking she’s been doing that your cock will fit right in right beside your working fingers. And she likes nothing better than to feel your cum shoot inside her, while she gyrates and pounds on your cock, while she wrestles with you in the middle of wild sex.

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March 24th, 2010 by kel

Despite the age, Kelly Monaco is still looking spry and playful in these hot halloween photos of her on the red carpet. And I must say, she chose the perfect costume–a cross between a vampire and a rocker chick with a leather fetish–to put my fantasizing gears whirring. Look at those fangs and that fierce hissing pose she puts up for the paparazzi; she can suck my blood cock anytime, and she’ll get more than enough cum to revitalize her for another night of solid partying with the urban night owls. And way to work the cleavage with that tight, pointed leather corset. With a string fastening that’s terribly easy to work loose, Kelly Monaco obviously readied herself for on-the-fly sex with random guys behind the party venue, behind the llama-shaped topiary, or on the vacated red carpet. But Kelly should remember to take off those fangs soon, not because the plastic is toxic, but because she’ll work better at sucking off my cock with it out of the way.

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Here’s hot celebrity MILF Kelly Monaco on an old Playboy shoot of hers spread out in nothing but skin, tits, and one very hairy pussy. Those are a fancy pair of headlights I’d like to stare at; and, like a helpless deer about to get struck, I’ll keep my gaze fixed on those tits, mesmerized, until they run me over with my cock sticking straight up in the air.

About that pussy: I’m not a big fan of very hairy vaginas, snatches rivaling Robin Williams in the body hair category, and from what I see in these pictures, Kelly Monaco likes sporting straight, bushy clits, which slightly turns me off. However, these are old Playboy pictures, back when hairy pussies were flung about because they were in fashion then, but since chicks like their crotches flayed and shaved now, I’m sure Kelly’s clit is less hairy than they are in these pictures. Either way, she’s got one hot body, and huge, impeccable tits to boot. Those tits are perfect, if you ask me, for when you want to grab on to something while your cock is tickled by Kelly’s bearded pussy.

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